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Theoretical Approach

My primary focus is sexual and relational problems at all stages of life. Areas of expertise include sexual dysfunction (especially rapid ejaculation, E.D. and orgasm difficulties, desire discrepancies), paraphilias and out-of-control sexual behavior.


My approach to therapy is systemic and strengths‐based, with cognitive‐behavioral, and psychoanalytic elements. I acknowledge the important influence that systems have on our lives. I work to maximize strengths in a process that is collaborative and client‐driven in nature. I provide cognitive re-frames and behavioral interventions to help fully experience positive change throughout therapy


I believe that most of the challenges that people encounter in life are part of life’s natural rhythm. Some of these challenges are existential in nature; some are more personal, stemming from any number of interacting factors. I believe that all people have the potential for success.  Seeking counseling is a healthy step in that process. My primary goal as your counselor is to help you connect with your innate capacity for wellness.


I practice client-centered, mindfulness-informed therapy. I believe that you are the expert on yourself and that change and growth occur in a non-judgmental environment that provides a balance of challenge and support. It is within the safety of the therapeutic relationship that you can begin to explore your personal challenges more deeply, connect with your own wisdom, and find the life balance you seek. Together, we use the resources and strengths that you bring to the table in combination with appropriate therapeutic interventions to reach your goals.

More things to know about me:

  • I am a sex-positive therapist. I encourage my clients to develop healthy ways of relating to their sexuality and sexual practices, without added shame.

  • I am an LGBQIA-affirming therapist.

  • I am a trans-supportive, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender non-conforming ally.

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